Top Software Testing Trends for 2020

by Yulia Lomanova | August 31, 2020 8:14 am

With the speed at which modern technology is evolving, software quality is perhaps the most critical tech challenge of our century. No other product can stand the competition of being more labor-intensive or error-prone.
While the new decade has already shaken the world more than anyone could predict, here are some of the top software testing trends for 2020, that will help you to stay on top of the game.

Artificial Intelligence

It’s almost impossible to find someone who hasn’t heard about AI. Given its success in developing automatic programming, the AI community has understandably become interested in automatic debugging. The three vectors for advancements in this domain involve developing AI tools for software testing and AI system testing methods[1], as well as creating software able to self-test and self-heal.
AI implemented in software testing offers fast-paced processes, better defect[2]-tracking, test maintenance, script automation, enhanced number and scope of tests, and help in the visual validation of web pages.

Agile and DevOps

In recent years, both Agile and DevOps have become top trends in the IT community. With their adoption, development teams get a chance to deliver quality software faster, that is why this practice is also known as “Quality of Speed”.

Agile testing[3] is a QA practice that follows the principles of the agile methodology of software development. It involves working in small increments while evaluating results continuously and adjusting them according to the situation. Unlike the Waterfall methodology, agile testing comes into play at the start of the project seamlessly integrated with the development process. In addition to this, in an agile model, test plans are written and updated for every release.

DevOps[4] is a set of practices that aims for automating and integrating the processes between development and operation teams, so they can create, test, and deploy products faster and more reliably. Testing in a DevOps environment is done during each step of the project development phase on bite-sized parts of the system to minimize backtracking in the case of errors being detected.


Test Automation

Today’s software development reality requires accelerated results and reduced business expenses, and in many cases, that means automation of processes. In fact, test automation[5] is massively popular among industry leaders as it ensures robust software quality with minimal effort. There are many perks it brings to businesses:

4 (1)[6]

Mobile Application Test Automation

Mobile applications are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Accordingly, testing approaches should keep up, offering significant business returns, and factoring in cross-platform challenges. So, what can be done? Mobile Test Automation[7].

A variety of specific testing types can be automated via a web-based, cloud-based, or lab-based automation with devices and simulators. The list includes performance, GUI, regression testing, and much more. Don’t miss this opportunity to leverage more reliable and accurate testing with test automation.

API Test Automation

Those involved with software testing are already familiar with the status of API[8] as the backbone of programming that requires thorough testing coverage.

As part of integration testing, API-level test automation can accelerate the process with a significant efficiency increase. This gives you several important benefits that are critical for any release. First of all, API-level integration tests verify whether components interact as designed ensuring increased scope compared to unit tests. Secondly, API tests outperform end-to-end tests in execution speed and inherent stability.

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