The Functional Testing Checklist for eCommerce Software

by Anastasia Kizilo | March 30, 2022 3:51 pm

Functional testing is critically important for eCommerce software because user satisfaction depends on its results. As we know, issues in functionality can deter customers from visiting websites and ruin an online business. That’s why it is crucial to conduct this testing extremely carefully and consistently. 

We have prepared the functional testing checklist for eCommerce software that will help QA engineers to do everything in the proper way and avoid missing some points.


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Hope this checklist will help QA engineers and development teams to meet all customer requirements and release a high-quality product.
At QaTestLab, you can get functional testing for any software application, including eCommerce solutions[2] (we have a separate QA Department specializing in eCom). Contact us[3] to learn more!

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