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How to Choose Software Development Model? 5

Software processes are very functional and solve various tasks. Most Commonly Used Software Processes: waterfall model process; iterative development process; incremental design process; agile development; extreme programming; spiral process. The

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What is Comparison Testing? 0

When Is Comparison Testing Performed? This type of software testing belongs to no particular phase of software development. On the early phases of software development software testing company may implement

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Main Priorities of Software Testing Company 0

The number one task of a software testing company is quality assessment by the means of various attestation and confirmation activities. Needless to say that this job should be performed

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Validation & Verification Testing 0

When Is Validation & Verification Testing Conducted? This type of software testing is usually performed at the last stages of software development, right before its release. Software testing company may

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How to Establish Good Communication in QA Team? 0

If you have a role in software testing team, you will spend some time operating with the development department, project management team and with other testers in a particular software

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Preventing of Software Bugs and Bug Sources 1

The essential for software bug averting activities to work is the efficient recognition of these general defects and defect causes, so that proper activities can be applied to block or

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