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Necessity of Software Test Automation 1

Software test automation is necessary to automate several manual operations with the help of test automation tools. Nowadays it is an intense necessity for test automation. The reason is that

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Oracle Problem in Test Execution 2

Checking of the result is a complex task, because of the theoretical difficulties and practical limitations. According to the long standing theoretical outputs result checking for software testing in common

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Static Test Cases And The Dynamic Test Runs 1

As soon as testing models have been built and validated, they can be used to create test cases, which may then be implemented planned test procedure. So, let us start!

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What Is Coverage-Based Testing? 0

The majority of generally accepted testing techniques, it doesn’t matter if it is functional testing (black-box testing) or structural testing (white-box testing), use different ways of test coverage as the

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What Is Usage-Based Statistical Testing? 0

Actual client usage of software may be considered as a form of usage-based testing. In the case if defects are detected by clients, some information about them can be reported

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Black-Box Testing vs White-Box Testing 0

The main differences between black-box testing (BBT) and white-box testing (WBT) are in such aspects: Objects The tested objects may overlap sometimes. WBT is commonly used to test not very

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