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What is Monkey Testing? 0

Note: this article was updated in July 2019 Is it right to trust to chance, especially when it comes to your job? If to talk about software testing, you hardly

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Difference Between System and Acceptance Testing 0

Acceptance testing tests the system whether it satisfies the requirements. It is alike with System testing in such focus that the whole system is checked. But it is significant dissimilarity

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Workbench Concept in Software Testing 0

Note: This article was updated in June 2019. Considering the variety of testing scenarios that depend on each specific product, the testers’ work has to be carefully planned and structured.

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Configuration Management in Software Testing 0

Configuration management is the detailed recording and updating of information for software and hardware components. Components are not only source code. It can also be tracking of modifications for software

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Preparation of Acceptance Test Plan 0

In any software testing project the acceptance document is basically prepared using the certain inputs. But this can vary depending on organization and project. Here are the most general inputs

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Latent and Masked Software Bugs: What’s the Difference? 2

Note: the article was updated in October 2018 Bugs can attack your software at any time especially when you do not expect to meet them. Some software defects are not

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