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What is the Main Aim of Software Tester? 1

“The main activity of testers is that they provide to the project participants of development software negative feedback on the quality of the product.” D. Spolsky recently described the same

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Best practices for “Best practices” 0

Note: the article was updated in September 2018. We face the “best practices” definition quite often. But what does “best practice” mean? Who defines what practice is the best one?

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Aggressive and Passive Testing 0

I’ve been thinking about how I *bucket* testing. Here is what I mean. I see testing as aggressive and passive. Aggressive testing, to me, is the art of asking the product

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Non-Regression testing, what is it? 0

The article was updated in May 2018. Making code changes, a developer may affect the proper work of the software. Even a small tweak can cause unexpected consequences or provoke

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Selenium Auto Accept Self Signed SSL Certificates and Basic Authentication 1

One of my biggest annoyances and unresolved issues with Selenium is the self signed SSL certificates. This was a huge issue for me on last project, when we had dozen

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JavaScript Testing Beginner’s Guide 0

JavaScript is an important part of web development in today’s Web 2.0 world. While there are many JavaScript frameworks in the market, learning to write, test, and debug JavaScript without

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