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7 Ways to Measure Test Coverage 0

Test coverage is a measure of the degree to which a test exercises some feature(s) or code. Test coverage relates the tests produced to the software or features under test

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5 Principal Advantages of Offshore Software Testing 1

Errors are possible in any sphere, software development is not an exception from this rule – almost any software product has bugs, which have a negative effect and must be

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Perfecto Mobile – An Overview 0

by Ajay BalamurugadasAs I had promised last month on twitter about a blog post on my experience with Perfecto Mobile, here it is. What is Perfecto Mobile? To quote them, Perfecto

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Selenium 2 makes automation debugging easier 0

One of the parts of Selenium 1.0 that I never enjoyed was debugging automation that didn’t work. I had to faff about creating custom Firefox profiles with Firebug installed and

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Purpose of an Independent QA Audit 0

The Software Engineering Institute/Capability Maturity Model (SEI CMM) describes periodic independent audits of the QA activities and work products of an organization’s QA group.  This is specifically stated in the

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Why Do We Need Performance Testing? 0

Note: the article was updated in June 2018. The digital technologies are improving with every single day. This fact has made modern customers very demanding in the question of technology

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