Automated Testing

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Test Automation: Planning and Winning 0

Even the biggest haters of QA automation cannot fail to acknowledge that a reasonable and consistent approach to automated testing can bring great benefits to a software testing company. The

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Test Automation: Cleaning Up Your Test Scripts 0

As the software product evolves and grows, its source code becomes more and more messy. It happens because of numerous additions, modifications and patches applied to the code in the

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Open-Source Tools for Test Automation 0

There is no doubt that a software testing company can provide a high level of services with the help of traditional test automation frameworks. In fact, a lot of specialists

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Is Test Automation Just a Time Killer? Think Harder! 0

When a customer or project manager finds out how long the test automation process will take, he/she often refuses to implement it, citing the lack of time as a reason

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Automated Unit Testing in Agile Projects 0

A lot has been said about the high cost of fixing bugs at the late stages of a project. This is relevant even for a software testing company that successfully

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Automated Testing in DevOps: Whys and Wherefores 0

The DevOps practice implies close collaboration of developers and other IT experts during the software delivery. This new trend is increasingly becoming popular among software testing and mobile testing specialists

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