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What is Monkey Testing? 0

Sometimes random testing can also be called monkey testing. In monkey testing data is generated by chance often using a tool. Randomly-generated data is sent to the system. This data

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Types of Interaction within Software Project Team 1

Note: the acticle was updated in November 2018. Professional team and fruitful interaction between its members are the key to success of every project and company. Such teams can vary

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Statistics of Errors in the Code 0

According to western experts, the programmer makes a mistake on average once at five lines of code (including erratum). Approximately 90% of these errors is corrected by the programmer, the

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What is Component Testing? 1

ISTQB Glossary gives us the following definition: Unit Testing (module testing): See component testing Component testing: Testing of individual software components (according to IEEE 610) Component: The smallest element of

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Myths and Facts: Purpose of Software Testing 4

Note: the article was updated in March 2019. What type of people do you belong to: those who believe that software testing plays in favor of their product, or those

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Do you consider yourself an expert in testing? 0

Note: the article was updated in August 2018. What distinguishes an ordinary tester from an expert? What knowledge and skills a professional QA engineer should possess? How to become a

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