Performance Testing

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What Causes Mobile Performance Problems? 0

Proper performance testing is very important for any software product nowadays. Requirements to performance are especially high in mobile programs and programs specialized in certain fields, for example medicine, nuclear

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How to Create Good Performance Defect Reports? 0

Those who are involved in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing know that software bugs can reproduce always, once in several times or be unreproducible. Software engineers

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Performance Testing Without Automation Tools and Skills 0

Performance is one important characteristics of any program. Performance standards have become very high, especially for mobile software products. Fierce competition between software producers encourages this process. That is why

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Performance Testing of a Mobile Web Program 0

Mobile testing, as well as desktop testing and web site testing, usually includes checking of many aspects. The main aspects are usability, proper operation on the selected platforms, security, performance

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Why to Optimize Performance of Mobile Web Program? 0

Web applications began rapid development together with Internet expansion and evolution of web technology. At present web sites are complex, multifunctional programs. Peculiarity of web applications is that they store

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Poor Performance of Mobile Software 0

Most of quality assurance experts are convinced that usability is of utmost importance for any modern application. That is why they always insist on paying due attention to usability issues

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