Types of Software Testing

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Basic Elements of Usability Testing 0

Basic Elements of Usability Testing: 1. Controlled and sometimes vast interviewing and probing of the partakers by the test moderator. 2. Use of a specimen pattern of end users which

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Usability Testing: Difference Between Purchaser and End User 0

During determining the user profile in Usability Testing, you should understand the difference between the purchaser or buyer of the product and the actual end user. It happens so that

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What is Component Testing? 1

ISTQB Glossary gives us the following definition: Unit Testing (module testing): See component testing Component testing: Testing of individual software components (according to IEEE 610) Component: The smallest element of

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Classification of Software Testing Kinds 1

What is “testing”? The book Meshcheryakova MS “Software Testing” is given two definitions of this term: 1. Testing is a process of detecting errors in software 2. Testing is a

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Positive And Negative Testing 0

Probably all the testers know what a negative testing is. I even think that it is a favorite type of software testing for many of us. When you run a

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How to Involve Non-functional Testing? 2

Note: this article was updated in July 2019 Who would have thought that product development is only half the way to success?! No less important is to verify its quality

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