Types of Software Testing

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Why Do We Need Performance Testing? 0

Note: the article was updated in June 2018. The digital technologies are improving with every single day. This fact has made modern customers very demanding in the question of technology

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Aggressive and Passive Testing 0

I’ve been thinking about how I *bucket* testing. Here is what I mean. I see testing as aggressive and passive. Aggressive testing, to me, is the art of asking the product

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Non-Regression testing, what is it? 0

The article was updated in May 2018. Making code changes, a developer may affect the proper work of the software. Even a small tweak can cause unexpected consequences or provoke

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Negative Test Cases for Functional Testing 1

Negative testing is a testing technique when invalid input data are used for software quality assessment. Its purpose is to check the software behavior in case of invalid input. In

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What is Compatibility Testing? 3

The top-quality program worth nothing if one consumer is able to use it, but another is not. A soft cannot be just a good one, it has to be universal!

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What is Fuzz Testing? 0

Note: the article was updated in June 2018. First of all, fuzz is a random input of valid and invalid data generated for software testing. Fuzz testing or simply fuzzing

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