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Outsourcing Software Testing: Pros and Cons 1

Why outsourcing software testing became so popular? What are the peculiarities of it? For sure a lot of people have asked such question just after hearing its name “outsourcing software

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How to Improve the Performance of Your Software? 1

The aim of any type of software testing is identification and elimination of faults. Although most of the bugs will be unique for every new project, there are those that

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How to Choose Software Development Model? 5

Software processes are very functional and solve various tasks. Most Commonly Used Software Processes: waterfall model process; iterative development process; incremental design process; agile development; extreme programming; spiral process. The

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Main Priorities of Software Testing Company 0

The number one task of a software testing company is quality assessment by the means of various attestation and confirmation activities. Needless to say that this job should be performed

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Basics of Software Testing Policy 0

What is behind the notion of policy in software testing? Why do we need it? What are the main points to consider while developing it? This article shows the key

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Offshoring and Outsourcing Difference 0

Note: the article was updated in October 2018. This year offshoring and outsourcing gained victory in the rating of the most often used business terms. And not only used but

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