QA Management

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How do Novice Testers Get Involved in a Project Workflow? 0

Novice testers, who have just become members of a software testing company, may face difficulties with integrating into a workflow and starting the career. Often this process is already planned

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What is the Real Workflow in QA Company? 0

Most university graduates, wishing to work in a software testing company, only by hearsay know about the real working process in such companies. Below is a brief review of the

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Why Are Software Testers Always Under Stress? 0

Information technology is among the fastest developing fields. Every day devices and applications for them become more and more complex, sophisticated, multifunctional and user-friendly. Such tendency allows the end-users to

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How to Enhance Work Efficiency of a Test Team? 0

Software testing is rather new type of activity. It appeared in course of information technology evolving. Nowadays a lot of software testing start-ups are created, there are many novice testers.

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Duties and Responsibilities Allocation for Test Process. Part I 0

Each testing process is unique and complicated in its own way. That is why every web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing demands variety of specialists in different

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Time-Management in Software Testing Sphere 0

In modern world of information and communications technologies the problem of proper using of time is on the front burner. Every software testing company feels the necessity of more formalized

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