QA Management

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2 Main Distinctions of a Scrum Project 0

Scrum, an agile software development framework, considerably differs from a traditional software development process. It is often applied as it enables to save time and release quality programs sooner than

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4 Aspects Providing Success of Scrum Project 0

Experts in manual and automated testing notice that different approaches to software development are of different efficiency. Traditional ones are not always the best. Agile software development gained wide popularity.

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Non-Technical Aspects of Development and Testing 0

Those, who are familiar or involved in software development or web site testing, desktop testing, mobile testing, know that an application development process is complex. Specialists from different countries and

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Wrong Boundary Ways to Manage Testing 0

In order to execute any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing properly, all the works should be well planned and organized. Good business relationships between testers and managers

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Why is it Hard to Hire Software Testers? 0

Though working in the field of information technology is prestigious, it appears that there are always fewer programmers and, in particular, experts in manual and automated testing, than required at

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How to Allocate Resources to Software Testing? 0

In spite of considerable expenditures, time and efforts required on delivering a software product, many applications are of low quality, some fail in production, some turn out to be economically

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