Regression Testing

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3 Reasons to Conduct Regression Testing 0

The purpose of software testing is not only to find a bug but also to help fixing it. Bug fixing often causes additional bugs. That is why every software testing

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Sanity Testing vs Regression Testing 0

Note: this article was updated in May 2019. Have you ever faced a notion of “sanity” in the course of software testing? What is it? Why do we need sanity

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What Conclusions to Draw From Regression Tests Outcomes? 0

The aim of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing is to find as many defects as possible and this way improve the quality of an application. Regression

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How and When to Perform Regression Testing? 2

It is well known that regression testing is an efficient phase of QA activities. If it is performed poorly, all the preceding testing works become of no value. That is

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Role of Regression Testing in Software Development 0

It is of common knowledge that any testing process must include regression testing. This testing phase is an essential part of a web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application

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Post-Release Support and Regression Testing 0

For effective post-release software product support, defects reported by clients should be analyzed to correct the underlying software bugs. Diagnosis testing is generally used to recreate the defect scenario and

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