Software Testing and Quality

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How Can Testers Maintain High Capacity for Work? 0

The majority of people depend on their jobs, they earn their living executing their tasks. So, it is no wonder that most of employees do their best, spend a lot

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How to Maintain Good Relationships with Developers? 0

At present software testers, as well as software developers, are highly valued at the job market. So, it is a good idea to become a software tester. But it is

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How to Measure Efficiency of Software Testing? 0

It appears that mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing does not provide tangible results. It complicates evaluating their contribution to software products improvement and quality. Experts in manual

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How Become Tester with Education in the Other Field? 0

Testing seems interesting and easy to a lot of people, so they look for a job in a software testing company. Sometimes some people decide to change their specialization and

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How Increase Efficiency of Software Testing Life Cycle 3

A software testing company plans every step of Software Testing Life Cycle to increase profitability of the tested product. Completion of this process should be characterized by absence of serious

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Why Are Software Testers Always Under Stress? 0

Information technology is among the fastest developing fields. Every day devices and applications for them become more and more complex, sophisticated, multifunctional and user-friendly. Such tendency allows the end-users to

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