Software Testing Theory

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Why Is It Crucial to Perform Spike Testing? 0

The execution of performance tests is an important part of such testing types as website testing, web application checking, e-commerce testing, and some others. Usually, it is executed in the

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How to Test the Code Online? 0

Agile testing forces testers and developers work together in order to create the qualitative software product. Sometimes it shows as the necessity to be multitasked and be able to perform

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Stress `Overshoots` during Testing: How to Resist 0

The modern pace of life makes more people feel stress, fatigue and sometimes even exhaustion every day. Such problems may occur both at home and office. Undoubtedly, not each business

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Software Tester: First Steps 0

Software testing company tries to hire the specialists with a deep knowledge of the IT science – the graduates from the field-specific Institutes and Universities. However, sometimes it happens very

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Main Parts of Successful Test Plan 0

Any QA company tries to conduct an effective project management policy. Incomplete or poor project management, especially in the case of software testing, may lead to severe negative consequences for the

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6 Points of Effective Software Release 0

Software release involves much more work than simple developing and testing. Software testing company bears a large part of responsibility in this process. But how to understand whether the product

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