Software Testing Theory

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4 Attributes of Qualitative and Well-Written Test-Case 0

Software Testing as a Skill This can be a revelation for some people, but not everybody can test. For any system you can find an enormous number of possible tests

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WebMethod testing with iTKO LISA 1

What are webMethod /Software AG? webMethod suite is a software for process improvement, SOA enablement, IT modernization and business and partner integration. To ensure integration projects deliver expected business results,

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Software Testing Techniques : Positive vs Negative 0

Positive Software Testing Techniques Positive software testing techniques focus on validating a predefined expectation. In other words, these techniques help you verify that what is supposed to happen actually does

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Software Testing Techniques 0

Introduction Because of the fallibility of its human designers and its own abstract, complex nature, software development must be accompanied by quality assurance activities. It is not unusual for developers

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Difference Between White Box, Black Box, and Gray Box Testing 2

Note: the article was updated in September 2018. In this article, we are going to talk about three common approaches to software testing: white-box, black-box, and grey-box testing. We will

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How important is Software QA Testing? 0

In accordance to the US federal company, the Countrywide Institute of Standards and Technological innovation, application mistakes charge U.S. economic climate .five billion annually (NIST report). Examples • Users of

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