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The basic definitions of automated software testing 0

Software Automation Testing is the process of software verification in which the basic function and test steps, such as running, initialization, execution, analysis and delivery of results are performed automatically

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Test Automation: mysterious SilkTest 0

SilkTest is really very mysterious program to automate test plans. It is mysterious, because you cannot find a lot of information in the net on test automation. The purpose of

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Selenium 2 makes automation debugging easier 0

One of the parts of Selenium 1.0 that I never enjoyed was debugging automation that didn’t work. I had to faff about creating custom Firefox profiles with Firebug installed and

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Automated Acceptance Testing or FitNesse to Improve the Quality of Software 0

The quality of the product is not in the least dependent on the actual documentation and thorough testing. I would like to highlight the issue of developing and testing software

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Calculating the Return on Investment (ROI) of Test Automation 0

Note: this article was updated in July 2019. How to understand that the service your provider offers gives you profit? And if this is test automation, how to check it

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Aggressive and Passive Testing 0

I’ve been thinking about how I *bucket* testing. Here is what I mean. I see testing as aggressive and passive. Aggressive testing, to me, is the art of asking the product

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