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Future of Automated Testing 5

In our days more and more people are interested in knowing the future of software testing. To tell the truth nobody can tell something about it right now. But automated

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Types of Software Automation 0

A software testing company performs various types of software testing, one of which is automated testing. There are several types of automation that you may face. Software Automation Types: At

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Necessity of Software Test Automation 1

Software test automation is necessary to automate several manual operations with the help of test automation tools. Nowadays it is an intense necessity for test automation. The reason is that

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The Necessity Of Automation 0

If there are no automated tools for regression testing the main attention focus on manual testing, aimed to re-affirm the ‘known’ state of software after modifications. This may tie up

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Test Automation Of Software 0

Automation does not reduce the test preparation phase, but rather increases it, which may frighten the inexperienced project manager, however, as soon as the first stable version of application will

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Useful Tips for Choosing a Test Automation Tool 0

For Functional testing it is important to support a specific development environment, the ability to create reports about testing, automatic registration of detected defects, presence of recovery-scenarios. For load testing

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