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What Should be Known About Load Testing? 0

Testers with many years of experience in the software product testing know that load testing is divided into two subspecies – endurance testing and volume testing. Both subspecies vary by

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Stress Testing vs Load Testing 0

Many people involved in the software testing process not once faced with the concept of load testing which means the check of the system’s behavior under normal and high load.

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Should Software Withstand the Load? 0

Many developer companies, due to the high competition at the software market, become more concerned about the quality of their products. Some of these concerns include “if a developed program

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Why to Adjust Tools for Load Testing? 0

It is known that any web site testing should include load testing. It allows to determine whether the system is ready to proper function under real life conditions, when certain

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How Increase Fruitfulness of Web, Desktop and Mobile Testing? 0

There are no doubts that fruitfulness of any testing process is based on careful preparations and planning of web site testing, desktop testing or mobile testing, and on testers’ skills

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WebMethod testing with iTKO LISA 1

What are webMethod /Software AG? webMethod suite is a software for process improvement, SOA enablement, IT modernization and business and partner integration. To ensure integration projects deliver expected business results,

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