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Testing of Mobile Apps with Accessories 0

Modern devices can work with many various accessories enhancing user experience and simplifying interaction with devices. That is why one cannot ignore them performing mobile testing, desktop testing and web

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What Bugs Can Be Found During Gesture Tour? 0

Testing tours are among widely used approaches to web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing. There are many types of them. One of the efficient approaches to mobile

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What Are Mobile Testing Tours? 0

It is known that software testing is a creative process and each testing process demands individual approach. In spite of it there are some techniques and methods that can be

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What are effective approaches to mobile testing? 0

Software testing is rather young field of activity. It appeared recently in comparison with other spheres of work and began rapid development. In spite of this, some techniques and methods

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How Can Camera Be Used on a Mobile Device? 0

Most mobile devices and personal computers are equipped with cameras nowadays. Cameras became common, useful and needed instrument of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and personal computers. This instrument must be

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5 Weak Points of Using SMS in Applications 0

Mobile phones and smartphones support short message service or SMS. Text messages are simple and fast way of exchanging information. This service is very handy and is often utilized by

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