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Pluses and Minuses of Touchless Input Sensors 0

Some modern mobile devices are tooled up with touchless input sensors. Such sensors are installed in order to facilitate user interaction with the device and enhance its usability. So, performing

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What Problems Can Touch Sensors Cause? 4

Most modern mobile devices are tooled up with touch screen. Touch screens have touch sensors that distinguish pressure or electrical impulses of a user. A mobile device interprets the inputs

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Common Defects of Mobile Applications 0

Touch screen is a complex and sophisticated part of a device. It serves as an instrument for outputting and inputting information at the same time. Touch screens are equipped with

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What Mobile App Behavior Can Be Software Bug? 1

Frequently it is difficult for junior testers to determine what a software bug is. It seems easy only at first glance. But when junior testers enter upon web site testing,

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How to Start Mobile Testing? 0

It may seem confusing and hard for testers-beginners to start mobile, desktop or web site testing. Experienced testers advice to remember that one of the productive ways of software testing

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Usability and Performance Testing of Mobile Apps 0

Mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing aim finding defects. It is known that wrong data processing, security problems, misprints, software product freezing up and crashing, and many

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