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How to Start Mobile Testing? 0

It may seem confusing and hard for testers-beginners to start mobile, desktop or web site testing. Experienced testers advice to remember that one of the productive ways of software testing

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Usability and Performance Testing of Mobile Apps 0

Mobile application testing, desktop testing and web site testing aim finding defects. It is known that wrong data processing, security problems, misprints, software product freezing up and crashing, and many

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Advantages of Crowdsourced Mobile Application Testing 1

In spite of great number of advantages of using crowdsourced mobile application testing, it is necessary to know what to expect from crowdsourced QA implemented on your mobile application. List

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In-house Mobile Application Testing: Truth About It 0

In-house mobile application testing is one of unproductive methods of software testing. Why is it so? What is the principle of its work? Such kind of mobile testing can be

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Importance of Mobile Application Testing 3

Every day web publications that offer technology news and analysis, as well as profiles of startup companies, products, and websites, make different online researches. According to one of the latest

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What Is a Markup App and how to Teste it? 2

There are different types of applications on which you can conduct software testing. One of them is called a markup application. Let us find out what it is. An application

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