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What are Main Attributes of a Test Case? 0

Note: this article was updated in May 2019 Creation of a clear test case is quite challenging because it forms the entire testing and serves as a guide. Since a

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On What Documents Should a Test Plan be Based? 0

Every novice tester knows that a test plan is an important document. It contains significant information about the testing process and instructions on how to execute mobile testing, desktop testing

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How Can Test Reports Be Represented? 0

Software testing is an intangible process. The only way to demonstrate results of testers’ work is reporting about the discovered errors. The reports show other stake holders the progress of

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How to Document Test Procedure Correctly? 0

Every tester knows that test-procedure is a very important component of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. The success of a testing process depends on its proper

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Advantages of Using Test Design Technique 0

What do you know about test design technique? In fact test design technique is used for many years by software testing company. Test design technique becames more widely used for

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General Standards for Component Testing 0

BS 7925-2 is a software test standard that defines the overall process of testing, techniques of test cases creation and other activities that are used in component testing. The main

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