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How to test music streaming apps? 0

Online music streaming is the process of delivering audio data from the Internet directly to a mobile device or PC. The data is transferred in small packets creating a kind

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Methods of Web Applications Testing 0

Many testers during their career at least once faced with incomplete testing of sites that almost always leads to considerable financial costs, customer dissatisfaction, and, eventually, to the re-development of

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Web Site Testing: Whim or Necessity? 0

Today, almost every company hoping to expand the circle of its customers and creates its own web site or even a few. But just to create a web site is

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Why Describe Deployment Process in Release Notes? 0

Modern software products are large, complex, multilevel systems. Their construction and load testing, security testing, functional testing, and so on require much time and efforts. Testers must prepare the proper

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How to Test Web Sites and Applications? 0

Web technologies became complex. They involve lots of various aspects and are meant to satisfy the user needs the best way. From simple informational sites web software products have evolved

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Why Mobile Web Software Fails? 0

Mobile devices have quickly evolved from simple means of communication to smart complex multifunctional machines. Today each smartphone and tablet easily connects to Internet. Due to development of mobile technology

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