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What Are Peculiarities of Cookies? 0

More and more people use the Internet for work, educational purposes and entertainment. The majority of the Internet users cannot imagine their lives without it and favorite web software. That

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How Test Web Software on Mobile & Desktop Devices 0

At present smartphones and tablets are almost as powerful as some personal computers are. Mobile technology has become complex. Due to its rapid development we witness glut of various mobile

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3 Languages Mostly Used in Modern Web Apps 0

Modern web technology is rather sophisticated. It allows to create dynamic and user friendly web applications. Due to information technology evolution and constant enhancement of software products testers often find

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Should Networking Issues be Always Included in Testing? 0

A lot of modern software products utilize Internet. Such applications do not operate if the connection is absent. Everybody knows that web sites are among these applications, as no site

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5 Common Problems of Mobile Web Applications 0

Nowadays a lot of various mobile software products appeared. Most of web sites have versions for tablets, smartphones and mobile phones as their owners want them to be available for

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How to Create Suitable Databases for Testing? 0

A software testing company emphasizes that it is important to test software applying realistic databases. Elaborating of such databases consumes some time and efforts but testing an application on realistic

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