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QA in Game Industry: how to enforce fun with quality

Quality is of importance for every software development procedure, and the game industry is not an exception. To ensure a

The magic of fitness trackers: how they work

How does a wearable tracker on your wrist measure your daily steps, activity, and burnt calories? How does it know

New Books For Every Software Tester to Read

As new IT trends appear every year, and new software development practices are constantly evolving, the field of software testing

Is it time to say bye-bye to e-reader devices?

Kobo, Nook, Kindle? Do you still use a e-reader device? In the majority of cases, the answer is “no”. But

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Mobile Application Testing

Ready, Set, Go! How fitness apps became our coaches?

Do you go in for sports? Visit a gym or go to pilates at least a couple of days a

How to Create a Mobile App that Definitely Fails?

According to the Mobile App Report performed by comScore Inc, a digital measurement and analytics company, 65,5% of US smartphone

Mobile presence – whim or demand?

Do you have a mobile version of your website or the application you developed? If not, then it is the

Effective Mobile Application Testing

The test team conducts different types of software testing in order to detect and remove the crucial system bugs. Each

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Usability Testing

Positive UX – how to make wow effect simple

Do you return home if you forget your phone on a table? Can you live at least one day without

GUI Testing vs Usability Testing

Some software testing types have much in common. It is important to distinguish the peculiarities of execution procedure of such

Mobile Applications and Usability Testing Contrivances

Software product testing has long ceased to be a novelty and now almost any software goes through a series of

Deceptive Opinion on Usability Testing

Sometimes employees of the software testing company are faced with incomprehensible, illogical applications, many functions and uses of which are

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Software Testing Services

Is software testing a waste or a benefit?

Is testing a waste or the way to guarantee a proper quality of software? Nobody wants to pay extra money

Can a dedicated QA team screw up testing?

Can a universal QA team provide a proper testing of different software products including online shops, games, websites, and mobile

5 Reasons to hand your testing over to dedicated team

The current market trends and tendencies require more complicated and sophisticated software products that will meet international standards. Besides, they

Why users say ‘adios’ to your financial applications?

The research conducted by QualiTest Group, an independent software testing company, said that only one in ten users of financial

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Automated Testing

What tool to use for test automation in 2017?

According to the Gartner report Magic Quadrant for Software Test Automation, by 2020 Selenium WebDriver will become a standard tool

Books for Learning Test Automation

In the software testing field, it is very important to be well-informed about different innovations and changes of the IT

Automate or not Automate – That Is the Question!

Browsing the popular software testing blogs and forums, one may notice that automation is one of the next years’ trends

Automation: Problems and Tips

Frequently, QA teams are in a fix when it comes to automation. It is required many skills, effort, and experience

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Security Testing

How spammers get your data from health and fitness apps?

Do you have a health and fitness application installed on your smartphone? Do you monitor your sleep cycles, count calories

Forget the password? Then scan your finger

How do you unlock your smartphone? Do you enter the password or use fingerprint authentication? How do you confirm a

Can cyber security culture ensure hacker’s wipeout?

Recent successful cyber attacks force to change the attitude to cyber security culture that is closely connected with the company’s

Security Testing Tools You Need to Know About

The statistics of cyber attacks of the recent years shows that hackers broke 1061 blogs and websites in 2015 and

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