Automated Testing of Mobile Applications

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The market of mobile applications is growing every day and even going to become more demanding as technologies are rapidly developing. Mobile device environment becomes more and more sophisticated with the various factors affecting the development and testing processes.

Automated testing of mobile applications needed for such reasons:

• With the growth of the market development of applications for mobile platforms is growing rapidly
• New platforms appear
• Mobile platforms are constantly evolving, increasing their capacities and capabilities
• Mobile applications are becoming more complicated
• As a result, the number of test cases is growing rapidly
• With increasing of complexity and number of supported platforms, there is a need in the regression and load testing
• Quantity becomes quality – test automation becomes profitable

Automated testing of mobile applications is difficult due to the diversity of platforms, changes in the API, platform limitations and peculiarities of the interaction.

Variety of platforms

• Platforms are different even at the level of operating systems
• Each platform has its own API, user interface features and how to interact with the user
• Many platforms are now actively developing, API, and the possibility of changing
• There is no “main” platform, which occupies a large portion of the market.

Is emulator the solution?

Functionality of the emulator and real devices is often different, as well as the performance of the emulator may differ significantly from the actual device. During testing is difficult to monitor battery discharge when using the application.

When to apply automation?

• For applications with long development cycle
• For applications requiring a long period of maintenance
• For applications that are part of a more complex set
• For applications that are branches of non-mobile applications
• For applications – interfaces to the online service

Combining existing and own funds according to the test scripts can provide a fairly complete coverage automated tests adequate effort and resources.

QATestLab offers mobile application testing services to simplify the testing needs of application developers, service providers and handset manufacturers. QATestLab offers services in the laboratory and in field tests for the top phones and large operators.

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