Software Testing: add the secret sauce to your solution 0

For companies to ensure a smooth and successful software release, a high quality is a must. Testing is called to evaluate product quality and to make sure it meets international quality standards. In terms of the current market conditions that

Verify your idea – run a pilot project 0

The world of business does not forgive ill-conceived actions. Only thorough planning and well thought-out strategies can ensure the business success and growth. An excellent innovative idea will not become successful without a precise and detailed analysis that provides the

Cloud Computing: what to expect in 2018 0

According to Statista, a statistics portal, the public cloud market is expected to reach $159.28 billion by 2020. “2017 State of the Cloud Report” by RightScale, a SaaS (software as a service) provider, informs that more than 85% of business

What can a smart scale tell us except the weight? 0

All things around are becoming smarter and smarter. People already have smartphones, smartwatches, smart houses, and many other technologies that offer a wide range of “smart” and useful options. Healthcare and fitness industry also provides different devices to track and

VR history starts in prehistoric times, isn’t it? 0

Virtual Reality games and programs, 3-D and 2-D films, stereoscopic photos, panoramic paintings, and even drawings in caves dated million years ago – all of them are the forms of virtual reality. Even in the ancient time, people were striving

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