Functional Testing

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Post-Release Software Product Support and Regression Testing 0

For effective post-release software product support, defects reported by clients should be analyzed to correct the underlying software bugs. Diagnosis testing is generally used to recreate the defect scenario and

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Why Do We Need Software Bug Diagnosis Testing? 0

In the case if defects are reported by clients during normal operations or during beta testing, diagnosis testing is usually used to help with the problem diagnosis by recreating the

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Acceptance Testing and Software Product Release 3

Acceptance testing is often conducted as the finish sub-stage of software testing to define whether the product should be released. For successful release you also should clarify: What are the

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The Necessity of Web Application Testing 0

It is a well-known fact that usability is one of the fundamental interests for users-beginners. But reliability is increasingly become a fundamental interest for ingenious users. Consequently, it is necessary

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Main Types Of Web Problems 0

Web failure is incapacity to properly deliver information needed by web users. Web failures are also can be defined as the behavioral deviations from user anticipations. In order to avoid

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Testing of Web-Based Applications 1

Web applications possess different features that have an influence to the choices of proper methods for web testing. One of the basic dissimilarities is the document and data focus for

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