Software Testing and Quality

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Using Firebug in Internet Explorer 0

This tip comes from Ben Kelly. We all need to test on Internet Explorer, but we’ve been spoiled with tools like Firebug in other browsers. Ben has a tip to

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Does Asperger’s Make You The Ideal Software Tester? 0

If you had to describe the qualities of a great software tester, you would be likely to use at least some of the following phrases: Ability to focus Good memory

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Cookie Testing 0

Cookie is a piece of information which is passed between web pages stored on server.Often personal information like login credentials are stored.So cookie testing is part of security testing. Here

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What is the Best Way to Make Developer and QA Relationship Healthy? 0

Again, I want to share my experiences with you on an interesting software testing topic. It’s a hot topic in any organization, yes as a tester or QA you can

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27% of Software Testing Groups Don’t Use a Bug Tracker 0

New Data Research by Testuff Shows That 27% of Test Management Tool Users Rely on Email as a Bug Tracker. Paid Solutions FogBugz (Fog Creek) and Jira (Atlassian), Next on

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Philosophical Questions for the Software Tester 0

I’m not a philosopher. I am, however, an experienced software tester who likes to think about what he’s doing and why he’s doing it. Which, on second thought, might make

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