Usability Testing

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How to Find More Usability Defects in Course of Mobile Testing, Desktop Testing or Web Site Testing? 0

Every novice tester knows that performing web site testing, desktop testing or mobile application testing one must check if the application under test complies with its specification requirements. If there

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How did Role of Software Usability Change with Time? 0

Technologies and approaches to solving problems even statements of problems change with time. Software development and web site testing, desktop testing, mobile testing are among most rapidly evolving fields of

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What Are Advantages and Disadvantages of Touchless Input Sensors? 0

Some modern mobile devices are tooled up with touchless input sensors. Such sensors are installed in order to facilitate user interaction with the device and enhance its usability. So, performing

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The Main Emphasis of Software Testing Activities 0

The correctness perspective of quality can be described by different reliability measures or bug-related items. Consequently, all the testing related topics had this fundamental perspective, that is, to reach high-reliability

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Differentiate Between Purchaser and End User in Usability Testing 0

During determining the user profile in Usability Testing, you should understand the difference between the purchaser or buyer of the product and the actual end user. It happens so that

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How to Involve Non-functional Testing in Your Project? 2

Software quality can be enhanced by different approaches that differ from functional testing, such as technical performance analysis, security testing, usability testing. What is Non-functional Testing? Non-functional testing is an

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