What can a smart scale tell us except the weight? 0

All things around are becoming smarter and smarter. People already have smartphones, smartwatches, smart houses, and many other technologies that offer a wide range of “smart” and useful options. Healthcare

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VR history starts in prehistoric times, isn’t it? 0

Virtual Reality games and programs, 3-D and 2-D films, stereoscopic photos, panoramic paintings, and even drawings in caves dated million years ago – all of them are the forms of virtual reality. Even in the ancient time, people were striving

Is software testing a waste or a benefit? 0

Is testing a waste or the way to guarantee a proper quality of software? Nobody wants to pay extra money for testing services that may only confirm that software operates as you planned without any critical issues. In such a

Will smartwatches repeat the fate of ebooks? 0

Apple Watch S3, Garmin Fenix 5S, Samsung Gear S3 and many others smartwatches are available at the market. They are rather popular now. But are they really handy devices? Do they have future? Can smartwatches replace traditional watches or even

Can a dedicated QA team screw up testing? 0

Can a universal QA team provide a proper testing of different software products including online shops, games, websites, and mobile applications? Can a universal QA team ensure the detection of the majority of severe software bugs and assist in releasing

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Ready, Set, Go! How fitness apps became our coaches? 1

Do you go in for sports? Visit a gym or go to pilates at least a couple of days a week? Do you have a fitness tracker? Or is there any fitness application installed on your smartphone? In the majority

How to Create a Mobile App that Definitely Fails? 0

According to the Mobile App Report performed by comScore Inc, a digital measurement and analytics company, 65,5% of US smartphone users downloaded zero applications per month and only 8,8% – two applications. But that did not mean that those applications

Mobile presence – whim or demand? 0

Do you have a mobile version of your website or the application you developed? If not, then it is the right time to create it. Why? Let statistics speak. The research-based consulting company Gallup said that 52% of smartphone owners

Effective Mobile Application Testing 1

The test team conducts different types of software testing in order to detect and remove the crucial system bugs. Each such checking procedure should be cost-effective and should take minimum time. That is why every software testing type has its

5 Open-Source Mobile App Security Testing Tools 0

To secure mobile applications from various attacks is not a simple task. Modern programs and apps pass thorough security testing in order to define the weak point of the system. In general, mobile testing has become an inevitable part of

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