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Safety Assurance And Failure Scope 0

For safety critical systems, the fundamental concern is the ability to avert accidents from occurring. Even low failure likelihoods for software products are not tolerable in such systems if these

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Software Fault Tolerance Methods 0

Software fault tolerance methods initiate from fault tolerance designs in traditional hardware systems that require higher levels of dependability, reliability and availability. In such systems, spare areas and backup units

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Black Box Test Techniques. Random Testing 0

Design Test cases should be chosen randomly from the input domain of the component according to the input distribution. The input distribution which used for the test case suite should

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The Interaction Between People in Software project 1

Nowadays there are a lot of roles in a software project. And somebody unavoidably must implement these tasks. In small companies (for example, one-person development organization) all of these positions

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Statistics of Errors in the Code 0

According to western experts, the programmer makes a mistake on average once at five lines of code (including erratum). Approximately 90% of these errors is corrected by the programmer, the

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Demotivators in Software Testing. Part 2. 0

Funny pictures again. Related Posts:The Interaction Between People in Software projectSafety Assurance And Failure ScopeSoftware Fault Tolerance MethodsBlack Box Test Techniques. Random TestingStatistics of Errors in the Code

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