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What Diagrams Should QA-engineers Be Familiar With? 0

The biggest problem of any software testing – you should test everything. And this “everything” is very hard to transform into a quantity form. But a tester should realize what

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Why May Complexity Be Qualified as a Defect? 0

Nowadays IT sphere, especially in terms of software testing, permanently grows and improves: new advanced systems and apps, a number of startups, offering technologically and functionally complex devices appear every

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How Does Agile Environment Affect QA Specialists’ Roles? 0

A scope of duties in software testing company has been undergone significant changes over last years. In the traditional way of development, there were managers who monitored and controlled engineers

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10 Characteristics of the Top-sawyer Product Tester 0

The software product is a special type of business which includes many nuances, starting from the concept of the future product itself and ending with the pre-release testing and deployment.

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Software Development Cycle: Problems and Solutions 0

Software product development is a complex process which is obligatory accompanied with testing. To perform thorough software product testing, QA team should plan the test strategy, pick up techniques and

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Resume for Software Tester Position: Common Problems 0

People who want to connect their life with IT sphere, namely testing, often face the difficulties at the stage of creating a resume. This may happen so because they do

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