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Software Testing Types: Validation & Verification Testing 0

When Is Validation & Verification Testing Conducted? This type of software testing is usually performed at the last stages of software development, right before its release. Software testing company may

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Root Cause Analysis for Software Bug Averting 0

Analysis of the main causes is very important in the determining of the bugs sources or missed/wrong actions that lead to the penetration of errors into the system. The basic

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Logical and Statistical Form of Root Cause Analyses 0

Analysis of root causes can be carried out on the stage of product development in order to determine the basic software bugs and their causes and to take all possible

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Designing an Appropriate Performance Test Environment. Part I 0

Before you can perform an effectual performance testing strategy it is necessary to take into account a lot of factors. Surely, there’s a lot more to performance testing than simply

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What Is Coverage and Coverage-Based Testing? 0

The majority of generally accepted testing techniques, it doesn’t matter if it is functional testing (black-box testing) or structural testing (white-box testing), use different ways of test coverage as the

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What Is Usage-Based Statistical Testing? 0

Actual client usage of software may be considered as a form of usage-based testing. In the case if defects are detected by clients, some information about them can be reported

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