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Books for Learning Test Automation 0

In the software testing field, it is very important to be well-informed about different innovations and changes of the IT world. Besides that, self-education is an inevitable part of every

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Designing an Appropriate Performance Test Environment. Part II 0

There are a lot of projects where all performance testing are conducted on the live environment. On the other hand, we can say that this is rather uncommon and adds

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The Automation for Test Implementation 0

There are 3 Main Software Testing Activities: Preparation Implementation Follow-up Implementation is a foremost candidature for automation. Actually this is the area in which the earliest test automation tools found

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The Necessity of Software Test Automation 1

Software test automation is necessary to automate several manual operations with the help of test automation tools. Nowadays it is an intense necessity for test automation. The reason is that

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What Is Data-Driven Testing? 1

Generally an application has to be tested with manifold complement of data. For example, a simple login screen, which depends on the user kind, will give dissimilar rights for different

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The Necessity Of Automation 0

If there are no automated tools for regression testing the main attention focus on manual testing, aimed to re-affirm the ‘known’ state of software after modifications. This may tie up

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