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Comparison of Verification & Validation and QA View Points 0

Most quality assurance activities which are carried out directly in the software development process can be classified as verification activities, while quality assurance activities which are associated with the technical

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Definitions and Meaning: Error, Fault, Failure and Defect 2

Many people associate quality of a software system with a suggestion that some software troubles are estimated to happen (or not). And in the case if such troubles do occur,

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What Is Software Bug Seeding? 1

Note: the article was updated in September 2018. Bug seeding or bebugging is a technique that was developed to evaluate the number of software issues resident in the software product.

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What Is The Difference Between White Box, Black Box And Gray Box Testing? 1

Black box testing is such a technique based exclusively on demands and specifications. It requires no knowledge of internal paths, structures, or realization of the software product under test. In

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Traditional and Modern Way of Software Testing 0

Many organizations still use such testing methodology (it is also called traditional) where software testing is usually conducted after the build and execution stages. Traditional (old) way of software testing:

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Techniques for White Box Testing 0

Linear Code Sequence and Jump Testing Design Test cases should be designed to exercise Linear Code Sequence and Jump. For every test case these should be clarified: the input to

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