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Is Source Code Really Necessary for Successful Automation?

Test Automation is an essential aspect of software development as it helps to improve the efficiency and accuracy of the testing process. One frequently asked question is whether it’s possible

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Digitocracy: the state in a smartphone on the example of Ukraine

Worldwide, more people have access to mobile phones than to proper sanitation. The International Telecommunication Union estimates that of the 7 billion people on earth, around 6.5 billion have access

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No-code Solutions = No More Guarantees

The world is entering a new era. A new era of quick fixes, simplifications and turnkey solutions. One of such ready-made implementations became the no-code solutions. No-code/Low-code tools are already

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Automation tools: the solution to all test problems or a waste of time?

Tools for test automation offer the potential to improve software development. Unfortunately, auto testing is often viewed as a luxury. Finally, automation of testing is given a low priority, leaving

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Balance adjustments in multiplayer games

People go to online games for different purposes. Skilled gamers come to humiliate and dominate, lovers of socialization come to appreciate chatter and guild clans, and business people begin to

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