Don’t Lose Sales: The Importance of User-Friendly and Accessible Design for an Online Store

Usability and accessibility are two essential factors that can make the online shopping experience stand out from the competition or break it altogether. The success of any online store highly depends on how easy it is to find what a

Digitocracy: the state in a smartphone on the example of Ukraine

Worldwide, more people have access to mobile phones than to proper sanitation. The International Telecommunication Union estimates that of the 7 billion people on earth, around 6.5 billion have access to a mobile phone. As of 2018, 100% of the

5 Biggest Mistakes When Building a Marketplace   0

Starting an online marketplace can be a daunting task, especially when this is your first time building a business in this field. With so many different aspects to consider and decisions to make, it is easy for mistakes to happen.

Test Automation 101: Should The Programming Languages of Your Software and Autotests Match? 0

Programming languages are the fundamental building blocks of software. They allow developers to deliver complex applications and services by giving instructions to computers so they can perform logical operations and tasks. As soon as possible in Software Development Life Cycle

7 e-Commerce Software Trends to Stay Competitive in 2023 0

Luckily for many e-Commerce vendors, the pandemic has not dramatically damaged the online shopping industry. Moreover, it has grown and evolved despite the global crisis. Most businesses successfully adapted to the situation by leveraging technology that mobilized remote operations.  As

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