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How Many Test Tools Are Needed for Testing? 0

Currently there are a lot of applications of different complexity, serving different purposes. Due to this variety many automated testing instruments appeared on the market. It is often hard to

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How to Document Test Procedure Correctly? 0

Every tester knows that test-procedure is a very important component of any mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing. The success of a testing process depends on its proper

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Software Testing for Travel Agencies 0

In everyone’s life there comes a time when he/she decides to interrupt the monotonous routine and experience the joy of life again. One of the ways to achieve this goal

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Rules for Effective Software Dev and Testing 0

To become successful any software testing company should find a balance between cost and revenues. Budgets and revenues apply not only to the period of the development and testing, but

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Current Situation of Software Testing in the Modern World 0

When software testing has appeared? It is very hard to believe in it but it happened 30 years ago. Over this time it was possible to see both its birth

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Unit Testing Overview: What Is a Software Component? 0

To one of the stated types belong unit testing, which is testing of separate software components. But what actually are software components? And are these notions the same for software

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