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How Get the First Job in Software Testing? 0

To get a software testing job, you have to be really interested in it. One has to decide for oneself why he or she wants to get such kind of

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How to Compose a Resume for QA Position? 0

While writing a resume for a software testing company one should read requirements carefully. It’s better to put all the required information on the first page, as a recruiter won’t

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What Attracts Attention to A Resume on QA Position? 0

How can one ensure a software testing company that he or she is a good specialist? The best idea is to put the accomplished projects in the resume. One shouldn’t

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Why to Customize the CV for Each Vacancy? 0

Sometimes having a good resume is even more important than having a lot of experience. Remember that a resume is the face of the applicant; it makes the first impression

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What to do if there is a Gap in the Career? 0

Gaps in a career happen. When one comes to a software testing company for an interview, they will probably ask about it. But every gap can be explained, let’s dwell

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How to Write Resume for a QA Position? 0

A lot of people apply with the same resume to many vacant positions. This is one of the main reasons of refuses. One should send the resume written to a

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