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Software Development or Testing? What to Choose? 0

Software development and software testing are two different kinds of work, but they have equal career opportunities. More than that, in a great number of companies people with these professions

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How Climb A Career Ladder in QA Company? 0

Today specialization is important in software testing field. It increases chances to move ahead in a career path in a software testing company. So, nowadays it isn’t enough to be

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How do Novice Testers Get Involved in a Project Workflow? 0

Novice testers, who have just become members of a software testing company, may face difficulties with integrating into a workflow and starting the career. Often this process is already planned

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What is the Real Workflow in QA Company? 0

Most university graduates, wishing to work in a software testing company, only by hearsay know about the real working process in such companies. Below is a brief review of the

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How to Increase Efficiency of Software Testing? 0

Those who are involved in web site testing, desktop testing and mobile application testing are aware that software bugs should be detected as early as possible in the development life

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How not to Fail an Interview for a Position of Software Tester? 0

Usually at the beginning of an interview an employer asks an applicant to present himself or herself. One should make a good impression to set the conversation in the right

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