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Software Testing for Hyper-Casual Games: Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy 0

A couple of years ago everyone said that hyper-casual games were having a moment. But now it’s clear that the “moment” has stretched into a longer trend.  According to statistics

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Quality Assurance of a CRM: What to Test for Best Results 0

Relatively few businesses don’t use customer relationship management (CRM) solutions for processes optimization nowadays. To be able to take full advantage of CRM benefits, though, and for these solutions’ maximum efficiency, software testing is required. In this article, we will

How to Test Marketing Automation Software 1

What is a better way to maximize the efficiency of repetitive and laborious marketing and sales activities than to use marketing automation tools? But that is only if these tools work properly. A good way to ensure the quality of

Risks & Testing Standards for iGaming Solutions 0

Despite being considered a product for entertaining users, iGaming software deals with an extremely sensitive subject: their money. New features need to be delivered fast, but quality remains the main concern. Here’s our guide to iGaming QA for development teams

How We Test Educational Apps for Kids? (Spoiler: we use it as a kid, remember about adults, and never forget we are testers) 0

These days kids are quick at mastering mobile phones and computers. Such skills are switching from “nice-to-have” to a necessity. Parents have already measured this and even found how to use gadgets with benefit. If the kids are going to

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How to Test a Messenger App 0

How does testing a messenger differ from testing other types of apps? How would a comprehensive checklist for QA of a messaging app look like? What types of testing are

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