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Testing the Brains of Tomorrow’s Tech – AI and ML

The revolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) has accelerated the tech industry’s growth. By 2032, the AI marketing industry will grow to a massive $22 billion from

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Top Software Testing Trends for 2020

With the speed at which modern technology is evolving, software quality is perhaps the most critical tech challenge of our century. No other product can stand the competition of being

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Machine Learning: explanation and its role for Automated Testing

Since there is a bunch of explanations on the net, Machine learning can be a tricky subject for non-experts. People often mistook and have a blurry understanding of what is

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How Artificial Intelligence Affects Software Testing

There are countless headlines on the net about AI and the way it transforms everything. What about its impact on software testing? How can AI testing change the future for

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