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Continuous Testing and Test Automation: What is the Difference?

If you have 100% knowledge of the nuances and diversity of the сontinuous testing and test automation, you can leave this page and read something else. Here we will not

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Required Manual Testing Skills

Why the profession of manual tester is still required in the era of automation? What are the must-have skills for this occupation? QATestLab, as an independent QA provider with more

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What Is the Gherkin Language?

Note: this article was updated in August 2019. Gherkin is a line-oriented language such as Python. The language may serve as project documentation, e.i., describes business logic of the system,

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Test Automation: Cleaning Up Your Test Scripts

As the software product evolves and grows, its source code becomes more and more messy. It happens because of numerous additions, modifications and patches applied to the code in the

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Grandeur and Beauty of Automated Scripts

A QA specialist engaged in automated testing may think that automated tests are still just tests and don’t deserve the amount of attention given to production code. This approach proved

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