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Software Testing for Hyper-Casual Games: Simple Doesn’t Mean Easy

A couple of years ago everyone said that hyper-casual games were having a moment. But now it’s clear that the “moment” has stretched into a longer trend.  According to statistics

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Artificial Intelligence for Game Testing: A Friend or a Foe?

The game industry is developing at a rapid pace, and game testing, in turn, becomes a more puzzled and extensive one. Meantime, the advent of technologies powered with Artificial Intelligence

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Testing at a Complex Project: QATestLab Real Case

While you are planning your vacation or are already enjoying a cocktail on the beach, the growth of IT projects is not going to slow down. They grow and develop,

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Distinctive Features of Game Testing Process

In modern world the game industry has carved out its own niche in the global economy. At an early stage the game development cost wasn’t very high, but today we

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