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What Are Peculiarities of Consistency Defects? 0

Mobile software products are convenient, bright, funny and entertaining. They distinguish and support various kinds of inputs, including taps, gestures, moves of the device. That is why creation of a

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Why Perform Mobile Testing on Different Devices? 0

There are many different mobile devices nowadays. They are of various sizes, have various processing capacities and operation systems. Mobile software products should function appropriately on any mobile device. That

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Mobile Testing Under Different Network Connections 0

Nowadays most of software products rely on the World Wide Web. Many of them cannot function without connection to the Internet. So, almost any web site testing, desktop testing or

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How to Perform Location Tour? 0

Most of modern mobile devices can determine their location. Location services are widely utilized by mobile users directly and they are involved in many mobile software products. Location service is

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Why to Perform Mobile Testing Under Different Lighting? 0

Note: the article was updated in December 2018. Nowadays, wherever you go you always take your smartphone with you. That implies using the device indoor and outdoor, in the daylight

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What Can Go Wrong When Using Mobile Accessories? 0

Many mobile software products assume utilizing of accessories. Accessories make interaction with a software product more pleasant and effective. However they may cause certain problems. Problematic situations should be checked

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