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Errors during Mobile Testing Under Real Life Condition 0

Software products are utilized not only under ideal conditions, when the Internet connection is strong, the battery is charged and the device is not moved during operation. More often people

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What Causes Bugs in a Mobile Software? 0

Note: the article was updated in November 2018. According to statistics, 56% of all mobile users had problems with mobile software or applications. In most cases, apps crash or are

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Compability Bug: Testing on Various Devices 0

Nowadays people widely utilize personal computers, tablets and smartphones. Some devices are more convenient for usage in certain conditions. Others are more suitable for certain tasks. Software manufacturers want their

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Why Perform Mobile Testing When it is Cold? 0

Note: the article was updated in August 2018. How can cold weather spoil user experience? Why can people be irritated using mobile application when it’s cold? Let’s figure out how

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How to Check Mobile Apps When the Battery is Low? 0

Performing mobile testing, desktop testing or web site testing it is necessary to check the software behavior under all possible situations. Mobile devices mostly work on battery power. A battery

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How to Perform User Tour during Mobile Testing? 0

It is of common knowledge that high level of usability is very important for modern mobile software products. One of efficient approaches to discovering usability defects in course of mobile

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